Hi there, my name is Rory Feeney and I am a professional actor and acting coach with well over ten years’ experience within the entertainment industry. During my professional experience not only have I acted at coached at some of the highest levels but I’ve also lectured at many drama schools in London. I have also been heavily involved in a variety of drama school auditions in London and have been instrumental in helping my clients have the best possible chance of becoming enrolled.

It’s important when trying to enrol for a drama school in London to come prepared. It is my goal to remove a lot of the head ache and guess work associated with your drama school auditions by creating a point by point battle plan to really grab the audition process by the scruff of the neck.

In fact I have even crafted a complete guide to drama school audition preparation for which is free to view on my website, but I’ve also listed a brief overview below as well.

1.Choosing your speeches correctly.

 As a general rule most drama school auditions require the performer to memorise and perform several speeches to demonstrate their ability to learn and understand material quickly.  What I advise is to take the total number of recommended speeches and double it, yes double it! While this may seem excessive there are several benefits to this approach. Each speech will take varying amounts of time to be internalised and more often than not the speeches that are easy to assimilate tend to become stale in your mind after several weeks as passed. By learning more than you are required to you greatly increase the chance that you have some material that seems fresh and exciting in your mind, and thus the greater the chance that you will impress!

2.Preparing Your speeches for your drama school audition.

 If you’ve ever heard the expression ‘measure twice, cut once’ then you’ll appreciate how careful preparation or more importantly the lack of preparation can have on the end result. When it comes to you drama school auditions this is also true! All too often I find an exceptionally talented applicant, one who excels in every other area but who neglects their audition prep and who then gets rejected as a result. You don’t need to dedicate all of your time to learning an entire play, but make you sure you study your speech so you know it and feel it!

3.Entertain not perform!

 You might be scratching your head at this one but if you come with the sole intention of getting into drama school your audition may reek of desperation or anxiety. The goal should be merely to entertain the panel, if you can do that successfully you are far more likely to succeed.  

 There are of course many more tenants of my approach to successful drama school auditions in London, all of which I am happy to share you with you one on one. By entrusting me as your tutor you can rest assured knowing that you have best possible chance to succeed in your drama school audition.

If you are looking for professional drama school audition coach in London look no further! Contact me today.