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I have extensive involvement with drama school and theatre auditioning and can provide thorough preparation for your drama school audition.

I’m Rory Feeney and I’ve been training actors at the world’s top Drama Schools internationally and privately for 25 years. I work with actors at all levels and ages, from complete novices trying to gain a place at Drama School to accomplished professionals preparing an audition for a feature film, and with material ranging from commercials to epic Shakespearean tragedies. I also work as a Dialect Coach, teaching actors who want to work with different accents and helping non-native English speakers to be more clearly understood.

Whether I’m working with accents or acting I try to ensure that the methods I am using are transparent and will be easily understood by my clients.

Much of the last 10 years has been spent developing a new and refreshingly clear approach to actor training, the A.R.T. System, which has at its core the Action-Response-Thought cycle. This has culminated in the publishing of a new book, ‘Introduction to the A.R.T Acting System’; although this started as a framework for teaching an acting course it is now available to students as well as course leaders.



As an actor trying to move from film/TV into theatre, I had very limited comfort with classical monologues before I started working with Rory. 

When an audition opportunity arose – and with a very short turnaround time – Rory helped me select the most suitable monologues, and then helped me bring them to life. I really appreciated how Rory pushed me to find nuances and insights in the material, while still encouraging me stay true to my own creative instincts about the characters. He also has a fantastic attention to detail when it comes to text and pronunciation, so I was confident he was catching any and all errors in my speeches. Thanks to our work together, my audition for the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art’s “Acting Shakespeare” program was successful. 

I look forward to continuing to work with Rory, and I recommend him highly.

~ Meghan ~


I’ve just gained a place at a top London drama school thanks to Rory and his teaching technique, he is extremely beneficial.

~ Ricki ~


“Rory is the best acting teacher I’ve ever worked with. Rory gave me an insight on how to approach text and taught me about character objectives and how to action text which really helped.

Without Rory, I would never have gained a place at drama school. He really knows what drama schools are looking for and has a great selection of appropriate monologues. I would absolutely recommend Rory to anyone auditioning for drama school. He is an extremely passionate teacher and will use different exercises to help you relate the monologue to your own life and make it authentic and believable.”

~ Lana ~


Rory was exponentially helpful in aiding my drama school applications. He was endlessly kind and thoughtful, and we made huge progress with every session. Much of the work we did together helped me rethink my approach to texts and for that I am hugely grateful. I have now accepted a place at one of the UK’s top drama schools.

~ Alice ~


“I have just completed my MA in Contemporary Acting at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and I can honestly say that without Rory Feeney’s help and assistance through the audition process I would not be where I am now.

Rory was very good at helping me to work on some of my problem area’s and instil in me the importance of just going for it. He is highly knowledgeable in his field and was happy to share inside info on all aspects of the audition process having served on panels himself. I found Rory really easy to work with and not in any way intimidating, important for me as at the start of this process I really lacked confidence. He’s also a really lovely bloke too.

I would highly recommend Rory as a coach.”

~ Amma Antwi-Agyei ~


“Choosing Rory for one to one drama coaching was one of the best decisions I have ever made regarding my drama school auditions.I’ve seen several coaches but the first class with Rory really impressed me and made me want to work with him more. He isn’t one of those teachers who work with you just for the money.

He gets involved so much with your monologues and helps you become better and better every time. His style is so much different from the other coaches and the way he make you understand your character and the situations is amazing. I am a foreign student, but I have never felt that language was an obstacle to be accepted into a drama school since I started to prepare for the auditions with him. He worked so hard with me on my diction and dialect and the difference from when I started working with him and now, are huge!

If you want a coach who will push you then you should prepare with Rory Feeney. I owe all my progress and improvements to him. Our sessions weren’t just about the auditions, they were a start to the training to become a professional actress too.”

~ Ioana Elena Jisa ~


“Rory’s training at Central was invaluable to me. In our first term I was lucky enough to have him as a director for scene study. He gave me confidence in my ability as an actor, but also showed me how transitive verbs can be used effectively, which was something I’d been struggling with.

My abiding memory is how he taught me to believe in myself.”

~ Joel Mellinger ~


“I discovered Rory on the internet and looking back I was extremely lucky. I’d had a couple of Drama School auditions and they didn’t go particularly well. I believed in myself but I just needed some good teaching and a point in the right direction.

Rory was excellent in dissecting my monologues and beyond that, helping me generally understand acting and text a lot more. From that moment on I was getting recall after recall and I have him to thank for being accepted into East 15 and getting close to a couple of others.

The methods Rory taught me about text and how to approach a character are being used now in my first year and I feel he put me in a good place to get in and then understand it once I got there. I would recommend Rory to anyone looking to get into Drama School or simply looking for a knowledgeable insight into acting.”

~ Ryan. ~


“I stumbled across Rory when I was searching for one to one drama lessons for my upcoming masters’ auditions, and I cannot believe how lucky I have been to find such a fantastic teacher. In just six hours I feel that my acting has been transformed from simply trying to convey someone else’s story to embodying the character myself and giving an honest and true account of my own journey.

Although we focused on a small selection of monologues for my upcoming auditions, I feel that I have acquired skills which I can now apply to any monologue or role which I come across in the future. Furthermore, because he has sat on audition panels himself many times before, I was given invaluable advice on what to expect and now feel prepared for anything that they may throw at me.

However, the most important change which I have found in myself since attending sessions with Rory is in my belief in myself and my abilities in acting. This is partly due to a better understanding of monologue techniques, but even more because of the constant support and encouragement which Rory has given me throughout my journey.”

~ Charlotte Christensen ~


“Rory Feeney is a unique acting coach constantly supporting the actor but not afraid to give criticism where it’s needed. I feel very strongly that Rory has improved my confidence greatly. Using his critique I’ve been able to work more deeply and more effectively in many different aspects of my dramatic performance.

I found his approach very unique and individualized and he gave attention and encouragement that seemed to be tailor made for me. I learned to tap into aspects of my personality that both scared and thrilled me.

With Rory’s help and encouragement, I was able to see that facing and embracing one’s fear can bring limitless satisfaction. One piece of advice that I will cherish is that the MOST important thing to bring in an audition is a positive attitude and to HAVE FUN! This advice has completely changed the way I view auditions.

Such a fun and educational experience, highly recommended.

~ Julia Lupasco ~


“I had a couple of sessions with Rory to help me with my BA acting audition preparation. It was definitely the best thing I could have done. He helped me really engage with and understand the characters I was playing.

The feedback he gave me was invaluable because you don’t get feedback from auditions. After working with Rory I was definitely more successful with my auditions. And I couldn’t be more thankful for his help.”

~ Madeleine Sidi ~


“I was incredibly lucky to get the chance to work with Rory on my drama school auditions this year. I have been auditioning for drama schools for a couple of years but this year had more success than ever. Rory’s approach is involved, informative and kind (which is always helpful when going through such a scary process). He clearly knows what he’s doing and has had a lot of invaluable experience in the field.

The sessions were always tailored to exactly what I needed to gain or improve on before an upcoming audition, and I have no doubt that Rory’s help ensured I got a place to study at Central in October, which I’m extremely grateful for.”

~ Abigail Louise ~


“I have just been accepted at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art for their MA program and I can truly thank Rory for this achievement. Working with him has given me the solid grounds that I needed for auditioning. I feel that Rory’s approach to the craft of acting not only enriches you as an actor but also as an individual.

Together we were able to work on Shakespeare’s speeches and make them as contemporary and close to myself as they could get. A coaching session with Rory is active and productive, something that I found invaluable.

I highly recommend his coaching and look forward to working with him in the future.”

~ Olivier Vandenhende ~


“Rory’s insight really influenced the way I prepared for and performed in my auditions, which ultimately helped me secure my place at The Drama Centre. The way he works is so interactive and energising.

Even with the few short sessions I had with him, my technique was radically improved, I couldn’t have done it without this help.”

~ Madeleine Grey ~


“I had been to several acting coaches but decided to to continue working with Rory. Rory pushed me to improve and his passion and guidance were an integral part of me getting in to drama school.

Working with him is rigorous. You get the honest truth about your acting abilities and he will push you to be your very best.”

~ Sara S ~


“When I first met Rory, I had just started auditioning for drama schools with little success. I felt lost on how to approach material and even felt very unsure about myself. Now, after 6 months working together I can honestly say that phase is behind me. He’s given me confidence in myself, he’s given me all the tools I need to use to break down text and he’s made me achieve my goal of securing a place at one of the top drama schools in the country.

Rory is very direct and comes straight to the point. If you’re willing to work hard, Rory is an incredible partner to evolve with, as it genuinely feels as though he goes on the journey with you.

I have much to learn, but knowing I have Rory there to mentor me along the way makes me excited to take on all the challenges that lie ahead.”

~ Taz ~

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